Tether USDT Mixer

This Tether (USDT) Mixer is an automated tool allowing you to anonymize your USDT coins. When you first used an exchange to buy or swap your cryptocurrencies, the platform collected your IP Address (which is direcrly linked to your identity), or even required you to provide them with your ID! Those data are then used to link your whole wallet with your identity, and because the blockchain is public, anyone can monitor your wallet and see how you spend your USDT.

Using this Tether (USDT) Mixer is the only solution to obfuscate your coins and regain anonymity over your USDT coins.

Mix your Tether (USDT)

Forwarding Address:

This is where your Anonymized USDT will be sent to after the mixing.

Mixing Delay: 1 hour

To avoid blockchain analysis, choose a mixing delay.

* We recommend at least 1 hour.


Users are provided with pre-mixed USDT coins, so they don't even have to wait for the mixing process.


Only 5% fees for a secure & safe mixing process makes this Tether (USDT) Mixer the most afforable.


Users are allowed to Mix a minimum of 100 USDT and a maximum of 500,000 USDT (per transaction).

KYC Free

This USDT Mixer is not under the US jurisdiction, we DO NOT and will never comply with KYC rules.

Registration Free

Users do not need to register or provide any personal information in order to use the Tether (USDT) Mixer.

Logs Free

This server is Logs free and do not save any information regarding users, or USDT Mixing sessions.

Reliable and Untraceable

This Tether (USDT) Mixer has been built and designed to ensure Safety, Reliability and Anonymity. That's why this Mixer is fully automatized and works without human interaction. While users will instantly received anonymous USDT, every USDT sent to the mixer are stored for weeks before being mixed through multiple blockchains/currencies.
Hence, every user are sure that they will not receive any of their old USDT !